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Antique Adding and Calculating Machines

Non-Listing Adding Machines

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The Adder
Patented 1902 ~ Marketed 1908
The Adder Cash Register Syndicate Ltd.
London, England
Adder_UK_1.jpg (29748 bytes)
Beach Calculating Machine
Advertised 1904. Still on market in 1906.
The Book-Keeper Publishing Co., Ltd
Detroit, MI
1904 Price $50
"This machine is built up with a series of wheels and segments, the latter fitted with teeth on their outer edge, 
the machine being operated by placing the finger on the desired tooth and carrying it downward."
Beach_Calculating_Machine_1904_ad_OM.jpg (31862 bytes)
Triumph Adding Machine
Patented 1907-09 ~ Advertised 1914
Triumph Precision Machine Co.
New York, NY
1907_1909_Triumph_Adding_Machine.jpg (97981 bytes)
Mercantile Adding Machine
Advertised 1909
Mercantile Adding Machine Co.
Norwalk, CT
1909 Price $85 (Model 3)
1909_Mercantile_Adding_Machine_Co_Model_3_85_Norwalk_CT.jpg (36427 bytes)
Barrett Figuring Machine (a.k.a. Barrett Adding Machine, Barrett Portable Adding & Computing Machine)
Advertised 1910-14
Barrett Adding Machine Co. (1910-14)
Grand Rapids, MI (1910-11), Philadelphia, PA (1913)
Lanston Monotype Machine Co., Philadelphia, PA 
1911-1913 Price $100 (Model No. 6), $150 (No. 10), $175 (No. 10X)
1914 Price $110 (Model No. 6), $160 (No. 10), $185 (No. 10X)
The company also made adding-listing machines that printed.
1914_Barrett_Adding_Machine_Co_Model_10x_185_Model_10_160_Philadelphia_PA_ad.jpg (70056 bytes)
Model No. 10X and No. 10, 1914 ad
1912_Barrett_adder.jpg (52355 bytes)
Austin Visible Adding Machine
1912 ~ Advertised 1914-15
Austin Adding Machine Corp.
Baltimore, MD
1914 and 1915 Price reduced from $125 to $45
MBHT_1912_Austin_Adding_Machine_Corp_Model_A_Non-Lister.jpg (105428 bytes)
Model A
Courtesy of the Museum of Business History and Technology

1912_Austin_Adding_Machine_Baltimore_MD_D_Rehr.jpg (94712 bytes)
Photo courtesy of Darryl Rehr
American Adder (a.k.a. American Adding Machine No. 5)
Patented 1912-18 ~  Introduced 1913 ~ Advertised 1913-27
1913-14 Price $35. 1924-27 Price $39.
American Can Co., Chicago, IL. (1913-18)
American Adding Machine Co., Chicago, IL (1924-27)
"The index finger is placed in the corrugation on the number to be set up and
 the lever for that column raised by the thumb until it is stopped by the finger."
The company also made an adding-listing machine (Model No. 4).
1912_American_Can_Co_adding_machine_Chicago.jpg (35199 bytes)

Man_with_American_Adding_Machine.jpg (83692 bytes)
Sirius Adder
Introduced c. 1914
Wilhelm Keil
Siriuswerk, Nördlingen, Bayern
MBHT_Sirius_Adder_adv.jpg (272708 bytes)
Courtesy of the Museum of Business History and Technology
Commonwealth Adding Machine
Commonwealth Adding Machine Co.
Muskegon, MI

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