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Antique Check Protector Gallery
~ 1869-1899 ~

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1869_Check_Protector_M_E_Berolzheimer_Pat_No_97344_Nov_30_A.jpg (186733 bytes) 1869_Check_Protector_M_E_Berolzheimer_Pat_No_97344_Nov_30_B.jpg (138070 bytes)
1869 ad

Berolzheimer Check Protector
Patented 1869
U.S. Patent No. 97,344 awarded to Max Emanuel Berolzheimer
New York, NY
This check protector was designed to punch holes in checks that had been printed for use with this particular machine. This patent is the earliest evidence of a mechanical check protector that we have found.  We do not know whether it was actually marketed.  The top illustration to the left shows the machine.  The bottom illustration to the left shows the pattern that was printed on the checks as well as another image of the machine and an image of the female die.

National_Safety_Check_Punch_1874_adv_OM.jpg (322489 bytes)
1874 ad
National Safety Check Punch
Patented 1870 ~ Exhibition Awards 1870-71, 1874 ~ Advertised 1872-74, 1879
J. B. Parks, New York, NY (1872)
John G. Hodge & Co., New York, NY (1874)
1879 Price $25
Photo to right courtesy of Larry Meeker
1870 National Safety Check Punch.jpg (26789 bytes)
. Cory Safety Check Punch
In 1871, Charles Cory & Son, New York, NY, won an award for the "best safety check punch" 
at the 39th Annual Exhibition of the American Institute of the City of New York.  No image is available.
1871_J_G_Moody_Improved_Perforating_Stamp_OM.jpg (62389 bytes)
1871 ad
Improved Perforating Stamp
Advertised 1871
J. G. Moody
New York, NY
. Perfection Check Protector
Patented 1872
1872_Profector_Check_Protector_x1.jpg (33836 bytes)
1872_Profector_Check_Protector_x2.jpg (47291 bytes)
. Check Protector
Exhibited 1876
G. K. Cooke & Co.
New York, NY
International Exposition 1876 Official Catalogue," Philadelphia, records that George K. Cooke exhibited check protectors.
No illustration or other evidence of these devices is available.
. Perforating Machine for Checks
Exhibited 1876
John R. Hoole
New York, NY
International Exposition 1876 Official Catalogue," Philadelphia, records that John R. Hoole exhibited a perforating machine for checks.
No illustration or other evidence of this machine is available.
1878_Pool_OM.jpg (19443 bytes) Bank Check Protector
Advertised 1878
A. Alex. Pool & Co.
Newark, NJ
1889_Monarch_Check_Protector_mfged_under_1873_patent_adved_1889.jpg (72843 bytes) Monitor Check Protector (a.k.a. Monarch Check Protector)
Patented 1874 (US Patent No. 153,059 awarded to R.H. Smith) ~ Advertised 1883-89, 1892
R. H. Smith Mfg. Co., Springfield, MA (1883)
Eaton & Ellsworth (cast on the machine to right)
Photo to right courtesy of Mike Guthrie
1874_Monitor_Check_Protector_Mike_Guthrie_OM.jpg (155299 bytes)
. Automaton Check Perforator
Advertised 1883
Made by R. H. Smith Mfg. Co., Springfield, MA (1883)
"Finer in construction and more costly" than the Monitor Check Protector.
No image available.
1895_Automatic_Bank_Punch_adx.jpg (62097 bytes) Automatic Bank Punch (a.k.a. Automatic Check Punch,
Williams Automatic Bank Punch, Williams Brothers Automatic Bank Punch,
Roberts Cheque Protector)
1883 and 1884 German publications listed this machine by name as existing in 1882 and 1883
Patented 1884-85 ~ Advertised 1884-1914
Automatic Bank Punch Co., New York, NY, and later Brooklyn, NY
Initially made at the Brady Mfg. Co., Brooklyn, NY (1884-85)

This machine was invented by John Newton Williams (1840-1929), who went on to invent Williams typewriters (1891-1909).

An 1892 advertisement claimed that over 15,000 Automatic Bank Punches were in use. The 1892 price was $25. Also, in 1892 the Clerk of the U.S. Treasury Department took the extraordinary step of stating "To Whom It May Concern" that the Automatic Bank Punch had been "found to serve the purpose better than any other machine in the market." Naturally, this endorsement by the Treasury Department was featured in ads for the Automatic Bank Punch. In 1892, the Automatic Bank Punch Co. also stated "We have just filled large orders for the Treasury and War Departments. Over four hundred thousand United States Treasurer's checks were cut by the AUTOMATIC last year."
An 1896 ad claimed that over 18,000 Automatic Bank Punches were in use. This ad also stated that the new improved model cut the number "3" with a flat top, rather than the rounded top cut by earlier models.
An 1897 ad claimed that two-thirds of bankers and banking houses in the US used Automatic Bank Punches.
An 1899 ad claimed that over 22,000 Automatic Check Punches were in use.
1884_1885_Automatic_Bank_Punch_front_OM.JPG (35409 bytes)
. Bank Check Punch
Received Honorable Mention at Exhibition of the Massachusetts Charitable Mechanic Association, 1884 and 1887.
Exhibited elsewhere in 1890. On published product lists 1890, 1893.
Mechanical Specialties Manufacturing Co.
a.k.a. Mechanical Specialty Mfg. Co.
Boston, MA
No image is available.
1886_Gregory_Cbomination_Draft_Check_or_Note_Protector_OM.jpg (54207 bytes) Gregory Combination Draft, Check or Note Protector
Advertised 1886
Schlicht & Field Co.
Rochester, NY
1887_Automatic_Check_Protector_made_in_Germany.jpg (61619 bytes) 1888 Improved Automatic Check Perforator Hansen OM.jpg (61619 bytes) 1889_Automatic_Bank_Punch_perforates_numerals_made_Germany_sold_US.jpg (97182 bytes)1913_Check_perforator.jpg (174847 bytes) Automatic Check Perforator (top and second left) 
& Automatic Bank Punch (third left)
Advertised 1887 US (top), 1888-91 US (second), 1889 Germany (third), 1913 France (bottom)
In 1891, C.H. Hansen, Chicago, IL, advertised this machine as "imported."
1887_1891_Standard_Check_Punch_adx.jpg (68800 bytes) Standard Automatic Safety Check Punch  (a.k.a. Standard Check Punch)
(a.k.a. Lowden Bank Punch)
Patented 1887-91 ~ Advertised 1888-95
Hoggson & Pettis Manufacturing Company
New Haven, CT

Hoggson & Pettis Mfg. Co. was listed as a manufacturer of check punches in an 1899 directory of New Haven manufacturers.

1889_1891_Standard_Automatic_Safety_Check_Punch_OM.jpg (26952 bytes)
1890_Abbott_Automatic_Check_Perforator_OM.jpg (392129 bytes)
1890 & 1891 ad
Insert image from Office 11/89.
Abbott Automatic Check Perforator
Marketed 1888 ~ Patented 1889-91 ~ Advertised 1889-94 ~ Marketed 1905
Abbott Machine Company
Chicago, IL
Photograph shows second (1891) model.  Some examples have only the 1889 patent date, while others have 1889 and 1891 patent dates.
1889_Abbott_Automatic_Check_Perforator.jpg (63312 bytes)
. Abbott Automatic Check Perforator -- European Model Abbott_checkwriter_from_Europe_x.jpg (133475 bytes)
. Abbott Automatic Check Perforator -- Variation
Patented 1889-91
1889_1891_Abbott_Check_Protector_different_model.jpg (55503 bytes)
Insert image from Office 7/89. Chicago Check Perforator
Patented 1889 ~ Advertised 1889
B.F. Cummins Company
Bonn Brothers, Sole Agents
Chicago, IL
1893 Price $15. Price reduced to $10 in 1895
1889_Chicago_Check_Perforator_Bonn_Bros_Sole_Agents_Chicago_Pat_Aug_20_ofc.pro.jpg (28436 bytes)
1889_Chicago_Check_Perforator_adx.jpg (83428 bytes) Chicago Check Perforator
Patented 1889-92 ~ Advertised 1890-1930
B. F. Cummins Company
Chicago, IL, and New York, NY
1893 Price $15. Price reduced to $10 in 1895. 1899 Price $10.
An 1899 ad stated that the number of Chicago Check Perforators in use was larger than the number of all other makes combined.
The claim was carefully worded so that the comparison was only among check "perforators," and therefore did not include check punches.
That said, a 1903 ad stated "43,000 in daily use." If accurate, this claim indicates that before 1903 the total number of Chicago Check Perforators
that had been sold exceeded the number of Automatic Bank Punches that had been sold (see above).
1889_1892_Chicago_Check_Perforator_B.F._Cummins_Chicago_side.jpg (27120 bytes)

MBHT_Odell_Type_Writer_Check_perforator.jpg (161779 bytes)
1891 ad.
Courtesy of the Museum of Business History and Technology.

Check Perforator Attachment for Odell Typewriter
Typewriter Patented 1889-90 ~ Typewriter & Perforator Advertised 1890-92
Odell Typewriter Co., Chicago, IL
1890 Price for Typewriter and Perforator Attachment $20 (double case typewriter) or $15 (single case)
Photos right show the parts of the attachment. According to an 1891 ad, the Odell was "the only typewriter in the world having a check perforator attachment."
Odell_Check_Writing_Attachment_1.jpg (9487 bytes)
Odell_Check_Writing_Attachment_3.jpg (15886 bytes)
1890 Lane Check Punch OM.jpg (72843 bytes) Lane Check Punch
U.S. Patent No. 423,609 awarded in 1890 to Alvin V. Lane
Marketed 1890 by C.H. Hansen, Chicago, and Alvin V. Lane, Dallas, TX
1890 US Check Punch small.jpg (72843 bytes) U.S. Check Punch
Advertised 1890
U.S. Check Punch Co.
Cleveland, OH
The "U.S." was said to refer to the "united security" obtained by ink and puncture
United_States_Check_Punch_1892_adx.jpg (73220 bytes) Insert image from Office 3/90 U.S. Check Punch
Patented 1888-91 ~ Advertised 1891-93
U.S. Check Punch Co.
New York, NY (1891-93), Newark, NJ (1892)
Sloan, Chace & Co., Newark, NJ
1888_1891_United_States_Check_Punch_OM.JPG (59924 bytes)
. Williams Cheque Punch
Patented 1877-90
In 1892 John Newton Williams filed, and in 1893 he received, what appears to be a related patent (U.S. Patent No. 511,313)
The Williams Cheque Punch Co.
The Williams Hubbard Cheque Punch Co.
London, England, and New York, NY
1877_1890_Willams_Cheque_Punch_1b.jpg (118820 bytes)
1877_1890_Willams_Cheque_Punch_6b.JPG (79089 bytes)
1890_Lightning_Check_Punch_adx.JPG (69488 bytes)
Replace image from Office 3/90
Lightning Check Punch
Patented 1890 ~ Advertised 1890-94
Lightning Check Punch Company
Bridgeport, CT
Marlboro, MA
1891 Price $20 reduced to $15
In 1896, "The Entire Equipment of the Lightning Check Punch Co." was offered for sale as part of a "Fine Lot of Second-Hand Machinery"
(American Machinist, Feb. 13, 1896)
1890_Lightning_Check_Punch_1b.JPG (90244 bytes)
1890_Acme_OM.jpg (53922 bytes) Acme Check Perforator
Patented 1890 ~ Advertised 1892-94
Acme Manufacturing Co., Chicago, IL
Acme Check Perforator Co., Chicago, IL (1893)
1890 Price $25
. Unique Check Punch
Patented 1889-92 ~ Advertised 1892
1889 1892 Unique Check Machine.JPG (32764 bytes)
1890_Climax_OM.jpg (44440 bytes) Climax Check Punch
Patented 1890 ~ Advertised 1893
The Lightning Check Punch Company
Bridgeport, CT
See Russo, Office Collectibles, 2000, p. 82
. Mattson Check Perforator
Anders Mattson
Mora, Dalarna, Sweden

The only information we have found on this manufacturer follows: "[I]n the last few generations some ingenious inventions have been made which are still being made use of by their descendants. Thus Anders Mattson's Engineering Works at Mora...are the...manufacturers...of Mattson's drills..." Gerda Boëthius, Dalarna: A Description of Its Scenery, Its People and Its Culture, Stockholm Turisttrafikförbundet, V. Petterson, 1930, p. 138.
Mora_Dalarna__Mattson_check_protector_Sweden_top.jpg (111116 bytes)

Mora_Dalarna__Mattson_check_protector_Sweden_side.JPG (72535 bytes)
. Check Protector
Patented 1893
Clark & Roberts
Indianapolis, IN
1893_Clark__Roberts_Check_Writer_Indianapolis_IN_x.jpg (35326 bytes)
Image coming Berlin Check Punch
Advertised 1893
. Matchless Safety Check Punch
Marketed 1893
 The Office Men's Record reported in 1893 that "The Matchless Safety Check Punch punctures the paper, breaks the fibre and makes a plain figure."
No image available

1895_Champion_Check_Protector_adx.jpg (46585 bytes)
1895 ad

Champion Check Perforator
(a.k.a. Nafew Check Perforator, Nafew-Lovell Check Protector,
S&P Check Protector
Patented 1895 ~ Advertised 1895-1922
Geo. A. Powers, NY, NY (Champion, 1895)
Samuel Nafew Co., NY, NY (1895-99)
Sittman & Pitt Co., Brooklyn, NY (1901-10)
Cushman & Denison Mfg. Co., New York, NY (S&P, 1910-16)
In 1897, Nafew advertised that it had reduced the price to $5.
S__P_Check_Punch_OMx.jpg (87988 bytes)
Japanned finishS__P_Nickel_Plated.jpg (57140 bytes)
1900_Wesley_Indelible_Check_Perforator_ad_OM.jpg (26829 bytes) Indelible Check Perforator (a.k.a. Wesley Check Perforator,
Benson's Imp B Indelible Check Perforator) 
Patented 1890-97 ~ Advertised 1896-1912
Wesley Manufacturing Company
New York, NY

1896 Price $5. J. B. Benson was selling check protectors in 1900 at a price of $7.50.
1890 1897 Wesley Check Protector OM.JPG (34301 bytes)
1898_Royal_Check_Perforator_1900_adx.jpg (39417 bytes) Royal Automatic (a.k.a Indelible) Check Perforator
Patented 1898~ Advertised 1898-1903 ~ Marketed 1905
Rouss Manufacturing Company
New York, NY
$3.50 in 1898
"It perforates any part of a Check, the top, bottom or centre. The perforations are filled with an an Acid-Proof Ink."
1898_Royal_Rouss_Mfg_Co_1_OM.jpg (30119 bytes)

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