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Antique Check Protector Gallery

~ Small Check Protectors ~

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Model, Years Patented, Years Advertising Observed, Manufacturer Photograph
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1879_Security_Check_Protector_Walker_Tucker__Co_Phila_PA_adx.jpg (38290 bytes) Security Check Protector
Patented 1871-79 ~ Advertised 1879-c.1899
Walker, Tucker & Co.
Philadelphia, PA
1879_Check_Protector_specimen.jpg (13217 bytes)
Specimen of the pattern embossed.
1879_Check_Protector.jpg (30301 bytes)
. Buffalo Check Protector
Patented 1871 ~ Exhibited 1873 ~ Advertised 1870s
R. B. Carsley & Co., Chicago, IL (1871-73)
The Buffalo Check Protecting Stamp Co., New York, NY (1870s)

Same as the Pan-American Check Protector (1901) below.

. Geometrical Check Protector
Advertised 1871
R. B. Carsley & Co., Chicago, IL
No image available.
R. B. Carsley & Co. "exhibited the Buffalo embossing press, geometrical check protector, etc., the whole contained in a
fine walnut case" in 1873. (Interstate Exposition Souvenir..., Great Inter-State Exposition of 1873, Chicago, 1873, p. 189) 
Carsley & Co. sold two check protectors to the Post Office for a total of $15 in the year ended June 30, 1874. 
(Contingent Expenses of the Post Office Department, 43rd Congress, 2nd Session, Ex. Doc 48, p. 4)
1876_Woodmans_Centennial_Check_Protector.JPG (101619 bytes) Centennial Check Protector
Advertised 1876-1881
Robert Woodman
Boston, MA
The image to the left is the Woodman Centennial Check Protector advertised in Important Events of the Century 1776-1876, 1876, p. 130.
Woodman also exhibited "check protectors" in 1881. (Fourteenth Exhibition of the Massachusetts Charitable Mechanic Association, Boston, 1881, p. 71)
The photo to the right shows an identical check protector marked "Metallic Art Works." 
Metallic_Art_Works_Check_Protector.jpg (178604 bytes)
. Bassett Check Protector
Advertised for sales agents 1877
"Check protector that fits on your penholder."
No image available
. Bankers and Brokers Check Protector
Chas. A. Randall
New York, NY
Mentioned in trade press 1878
No image available. In light of its claimed use by banks, perhaps this was not small.
1885 Hill Check Protector B B Hill Mfg Co Phila PA advert OM.jpg (88281 bytes) Hill Check Protector (a.k.a. Pearl Check Protector, Lever Check Protector)
Advertised 1880-85, c. 1899-1902, 1919
B. B. Hill, Springfield, MA (1880)
B. B. Mfg. Co., Philadelphia, PA (1885)
Peiffer Brothers, Philadelphia, PA (c. 1899)
B._B._Hill_Check_Protector.jpg (88281 bytes)
1886 Robbins' Check Protector Haff & Co Hartford CT OM.jpg (88281 bytes) Robbins' Check Protector
Advertised 1886
Haff & Co.
Hartford, CT
Insert image from Office 12/90 Perfect Check Protector
Advertised 1890
Perfect Check Protector Co.
St. Louis, MO
Pearl_Check_Protector_Japanned_1892_adx.jpg (72731 bytes) Pearl Check Protector (a.k.a. Lever Check Protector, T Lever Check Protector, 
Crown Check Protector, National Check Protector
) (Japanned)
Advertised 1892-1924
Peiffer Brothers, Philadelphia, PA (c. 1899)
J. B. Benson, Pittsburg, PA, and Rochester, NY (National)
Pearl Check Protector Japanned OM.jpg (34067 bytes)
Pearl_Check_Protector_Nickel-plated_1892_adx.jpg (56508 bytes) Pearl Check Protector (a.k.a. No. 5 Check Protector, Crown Check Protector) (nickel-plated)
Advertised 1892-1925, 1928 (Crown)
B.B. Hill Mfg. Co., Philadelphia, PA (No. 5)
Peiffer Brothers, Philadelphia, PA (No. 5) (c. 1899) 
Pearl Check Protector Nickel-Plated OM.jpg (13584 bytes)
. Check Perforator
Patented 1896 by Frank Zander
1896_Check_Punch.jpg (113926 bytes)

1896_Check_Punch_Open.jpg (156731 bytes)
1898_Wizard_Indelible_Check_Perforator_detail.jpg (27622 bytes) Wizard Indelible Check Perforator
Advertised 1898
Forshee & Co.
Cincinnati, OH
Utility_Check_Protector_Peiffer_Bros_Phila_PA_ad_c_1899.jpg (40707 bytes) Utility Check Protector (a.k.a. Upright Check Protector)
Advertised 1896-c.1907
Peiffer Brothers, Philadelphia, PA
Unmarked Check Protector OM.jpg (19785 bytes)
Check Protector
Wm. Krugsrud, New York, NY (distributor)
. Pan-American Check Protector
J. B. Benson
Pittsburg, PA

The mechanical part of this device is the same as that of the Buffalo Check Protector sold by R. B. Carsley & Co., Chicago,
in the 1870s (see above), except for the type of metal used.
1901_Pan_American_Check_Protector.JPG (74658 bytes)
Grabler_Check_Protector_1908_adx.jpg (35083 bytes) Grabler Check Protector (a.k.a. Bank Check Protector,
Vest Pocket Check Protector)
Patented 1902 ~ Advertised 1900-30
Columbia Specialty Mfg. Co., Washington, DC (1900-02)
Cushman & Denison Mfg. Co., New York, NY (1905-16)
Terry Mfg. Co, Toledo, OH
1900-02, 1928 Price $.25; 1906 Price $.50
Sterling silver version based on same patent was advertised by Unger Bros. in 1904.
Top photograph to right courtesy of Mike Guthrie

1902 Grabler Check Protector mgg.jpg (35887 bytes)
1902_Unger_Bros_check_protector_advertised_1904_d.jpg (69417 bytes)
Unger Bros.

. Check Protector Pendant_Check_Protector_1.jpg (18000 bytes)
Pendant_Check_Protector_2.jpg (13688 bytes)
Check_protector_detail.jpg (67416 bytes)

1904_Merritts_Check_Punch_OM.jpg (25090 bytes)

Merritt's Check Punch
Patented 1902 (confirm) ~ Advertised 1903-04
Julius L. Brown, Chicago (1903)
Fred W Porter, Galesburg, IL (1904)
Merritt Check Punch Co., Milwaukee, WI
1903-04 Price $0.50
1902_Merritt_Check_Punch_Milwaukee_WI.jpg (41581 bytes)
Rothes_Pocket_Check_Protector_2.jpg (65794 bytes) Rothe's Improved Pocket Check Protector
Home Products
Chicago, IL
Rothes_Pocket_Check_Protector_OM.JPG (76551 bytes)
1906_Little_Giant_Check_Protector_OM.jpg (7874 bytes) Little Giant Check Protector, Envelope Opener and Paper Knife
Patented 1903 ~ Advertised 1903-04 ~ Marketed 1905
Montgomery Gibbs Co., New York, NY
Amenoco Novelty Co., Syracuse, NY
1903_Check_Protector_top.jpg (87585 bytes)

1903_Check_Protector_side.jpg (52623 bytes)
1904_Stewart_Check_Protector_Chicago_OM.jpg (33864 bytes) Stewart Check Protector
Advertised 1904-07
Stewart Check Protector
Chicago, IL
Embosses on the check "$5 LESS THAN X DOLLARS  $5," or another amount from $5 to $500.
This 2" high device was $5 in 1906.

1904_Bank_Check_Protector_Paper_Cutter_and_Scale_OM.jpg (19734 bytes)

Bank Check Protector, Paper Cutter & Scale
Advertised 1904
Novelty Appliance Co.
New York, NY
1906 Alligator Check Protector and Letter Opener.jpg (15689 bytes) Alligator Check Protector and Envelope Opener
Patented 1906 ~ Advertised 1904-13
S. I. Atwater
New York, NY
1906_Alligator_Letter_Opener_and_Check_Protector_xl.jpg (10745 bytes)

1906 Check Protector 2 OM.jpg (50657 bytes)
  Check Protector Check_protector_with_rollers.jpg (48361 bytes)

Check_protector_with_rollers_detail.jpg (57904 bytes)
. Holzman's Check Protector
Marketed 1905
A. Holzman, Greenville, MS
H312 Pocket Check Protector
Advertised c. 1910
The Hoskins Co.
Philadelphia, PA
. Page Check Protector (a.k.a. Bankers Check Protector)
Patented 1912 ~ Advertised 1915 (Page)
Page Manufacturing Co., San Francisco, CA
Bankers Utilities Co., San Francisco, CA

Bankers_Check_Protector_OM.jpg (33915 bytes)
1912_Page_Check_Protector_x.jpg (35560 bytes)

. Safety Check Protector (a.k.a. DeLuxe Pocket Check Protector, 
Cockrell DeLuxe Pocket Check Protector
Patented 1915 ~ Advertised 1915
Safety Check Protector Corp., North Chicago, IL (Safety)
Pocket Check Protector Co., Los Angeles, CA (DeLuxe)
The Safety appears to have been labeled with the names of retailers, e.g., Harvard Specialty Company, Cambridge, MA, or Wachusett Specialty Co., Worchester, MA.  

Safety_Check_Protector_Wachusett_Specialty_Co_Worchester_MA_Pat_Applied_For.jpg (27497 bytes)

DeLuxe_Pocket_Check_Protector_back.jpg (32252 bytes)

. Combination Check Writer
S. T. Thorsen Mfg. Co.
Boston, MA
1915 Combination Check Writer  S.T.Thorsen Mfg Co Boston OM.JPG (35580 bytes)
Simplex_Pocket_Check_Protector_instructions.JPG (66417 bytes) Simplex Check Protector
Mechanical Engineering Co.
Seattle, WA
Simplex_Check_Protector_front.jpg (37371 bytes)Simplex_Check_Protector_double_back.jpg (27700 bytes)
. Little Wonder Check Protector
Piqua Check Protector Co.
Piqua, OH
Little_Wonder_Piqua_Check_Protector_Co_Piqua_OH_OM.JPG (7431 bytes)
Safety_Check_Protector_instructions_OM.JPG (61990 bytes)

Safety Check Protector
Patented 1930
Safety Devices Corp.
Grand Rapids, MI.

Safety_Check_Protector_OM.jpg (42368 bytes)
1923_Security_Pen__Check_Protector_adx.jpg (333816 bytes)
1923 ad
Security Check Protector (top two pictures)
Security Fountain Pen and Check Protector
Produced early 1920s-early 1930s ~ Advertised 1923-24
Security Pen Corp., Chicago, IL (1923-24), subsequently Indiana

In 1961, Hamilton Pen advertised the Registrar pen and check protector, 
a somewhat similar device with a plastic check protector.
Check_Protector_Security_Check_Corp_Chicago_IL.jpg (89093 bytes)
Security_Pen_Co_Chicago_2x.jpg (24810 bytes)
Security_Fountain_Pen__Check_Protector_OM.jpg (13767 bytes)

ProtexU Check Writer
American Corporation
Chicago, IL. 

Dial a number from 1 to 1000, insert check, press button on right, 
and the ProtexU macerates a word from ONE to THOUSAND.

ProtectU_Check_Writer_front.jpg (43572 bytes)ProtectU_back2.jpg (35675 bytes)
1959_Winter_check_protector.JPG (68310 bytes)

Winter Check Protector
Advertised 1959
Media, PA

Registrar_check_protector_Hamilton_Pen_2.jpg (23949 bytes)

Registrar Check Protector
Advertised 1961
Hamilton Pen

Registrar_check_protector_Hamilton_Pen.jpg (17257 bytes)

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