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Antique Electric Pencil Sharpener Gallery

Model, Year, Maker Click Image to Enlarge
Forrester Pencil Sharpening Machine
c. 1910
Samuel Forrester, Allegheny, PA.
This machine was used to sharpen pencils at a pencil factory.
Forrester Electric G.jpg (46765 bytes)
"He's a Sharp Lad When It Comes to Pencils"
"Thomas Hefferman has made an art of pencil sharpening. An important member of the Long Lines Traffic Co., New York City, is Tom. On average he sharpens a lead pencil over two miles long every month -- twenty thousand pencils seven inches long are used every thirty days by firm members. He thrusts a dull pencil into the electrically driven sharpener. For a brief moment it is held in place, then at exactly the right moment, without hesitation or a false move, the pencil is withdrawn, topped by a perfect point." Photograph by Keystone View Co. Inc., New York, NY, no date. AT&T reports: "1914: The headquarters and operations center of the AT&T Long Lines division opens at 24 Walker Street, New York City. Long Lines, a unit of AT&T and the Bell System, builds and operates the interstate long distance network."
Thomas_Hefferman_Long_Lines_Traffic_Co_NYC_electric_pencil_sharpener.jpg (32790 bytes)
"Electric" Pencil Sharpener
Farnham Printing & Stationery Co.
Minneapolis, MN
Dexter sharpener made by Automatic Pencil Sharpener Co. 
1917 Farnham Electric Sharpener OM.jpg (34957 bytes)
Boston Polar Cub Pencil Sharpener
Boston sharpener made by C. Howard Hunt Pen Co., Camden, NJ.
 Polar Cub motor made by A. C. Gilbert Co., New Haven, CT.
Glass cover not shown.
Polar Cub Front.jpg (18643 bytes)
Pencil Sharpener
Chicago Giant sharpener made by Automatic Pencil Sharpener Co., Chicago, IL. Motor made by General Electric.
1936 APSCO-GE Sharpener.jpg (22863 bytes)
Electro-Pointer Pencil Sharpener
[Patent] ~ Introduced 1940 ~ Advertised 1960
Triple "E" Products Co., St. Louis, MO (1940-51)
Subsequently, Stile-Craft Mfgrs. Inc., St. Louis, MO (advertised 1960)
Finally, Swingline Inc., Long Island, NY (by 1966)
Stile_Craft_Electro_Pointer.jpg (48694 bytes)
Igloo Pencil Sharpener
Advertised 1940
F. A. Smith Mfg. Co.
Rochester, NY
Igloo With Cover HOC.jpg (12001 bytes)
Igloo_F._A._Smith_MFG_Co._Rochester_NY.jpg (23113 bytes)
Morrisharp Pencil Sharpener
[Patent] ~ 1946 ~ Advertised 1954-61
Bert M. Morris Co.
Los Angeles, CA
Morrisharp Side.jpg (19412 bytes)
1946 Morrisharp Silver OM.jpg (13421 bytes)
Point-O-Matic Pencil Sharpener (top) 
(a.k.a. Pointmaster Pencil Sharpener) (bottom)
Hollywood Specialty Co.
Los Angeles, CA
Point_O_Matic_Hollywood_Specialty_Co_Los_Angeles_CA_OM.jpg (26450 bytes)
Pointmaster_Hollywood_Specialty_Co_Los_Angeles_CA.jpg (64412 bytes)
Point-O-Matic Electric Pencil Pointer
Johnson Mfg. Co., Inc.
Monroeville, IN

Courtesy of Louis Ternet
1950_Point-O-Matic_electric_pencil_pointer_Johnson_Co_Monroeville_IN_Lois_Ternet.jpg (39180 bytes)

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