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Kids' Page

Consul the Educated Monkey

Can you figure out how this mechanical multiplier works?
If you point Consul's right foot (the one on your left) to 8 and Consul's left foot to 11, Consul's arms will move.  Where will the little rectangle that now contains the number 45 move?
What new number will be in the rectangle?

For the answer to Consul's problem and to see some Really BIG Stuff for an office, click here.
The answer to Consul's problem is the BIG NUMBER at the bottom of the page.

Here are instructions for Consul the Educated Monkey

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Meet Staple Sam, the Markwell Man !

Notice that Staple Sam's body is made with two staples with the legs bent inward.  His arms are two staples with the legs bent outward.  And his feet are formed by a staple.  Now, can you draw a picture of Staple Sam's dog Staples?  (Hint: Staples's ears, neck, body, legs, and tail are all staples!)

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Pencil Pushers

The term "paper pushers" typically refers to people whose jobs involve mainly boring and meaningless paperwork.


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