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Pencil Sharpener Imposters

Pencil Sharpener, My Foot!!!

You'll see an amazing variety of things offered as pencil sharpeners or "possible" pencil sharpeners. We've collected a number of photos of machines that have been offered as pencil sharpeners, and have added a photo of a pencil sharpener that was sold as a vegetable slicer at a flea market.

Let's see if you can tell what these items really are!!!  

We aren't making fun of anyone here, or at least we are making fun of ourselves as much as we are making fun of anyone else. We actually purchased one of these items before we'd done our research!

Try to Match the Photos with the Descriptions in the List below the Photos

Imposter Gallery


We've seen this pencil sharpener imposter 
sell for up to $250!







Match the Photos Above to the Items on the Following List

1.    Knife Sharpener
2.    Razor Blade Sharpener
3.    Machine for Cleaning Rubber Stamps
4.    Bean Slicer
5.    Another Bean Slicer
6.   Yet another Bean Slicer
7. Machine for Cutting Threads on Metal Rods (our guess)
8.    Rare 1902 Dixon Pencil Sharpener (sold at a flea market as a vegetable slicer)
9. Pinking Machine (a sewing tool)
10. Egg Beater
11. Clothes Line Roller

To see the answers, click here and scroll down.


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