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Antique Small Pencil Sharpeners

Antique Small Pencil Sharpeners

1876_Whittling_Pencil_Harpers_120276.jpg (224084 bytes)
Cartoon by Thomas Nast, Harper's Weekly, Dec. 2, 1876

This exhibit covers all small pencil sharpeners marketed between 1837 and 1921 for which we have (a) an advertisement or product announcement with an illustration or product description, (b) a patent, or (c) a photograph of a surviving device. We have not included a number of devices for which we have only an advertisement without an illustration or product description. Patents exist for many additional small pencil sharpeners, but we are not aware of surviving examples or advertisements that demonstrate that these additional models were produced.

Most of these devices are small enough to be considered portable or pocket pencil sharpeners, and most have no parts that move while the pencil is being sharpened.  In virtually all, if not all, cases, the sharpening is done by a blade, an abrasive medium (a file, sandpaper, or emery paper), or both.  Most of of these devices were marketed to sharpen lead pencils. However, a number were marketed to sharpen both lead and slate pencils, and a number of others were marketed to sharpen only slate pencils.  Sharpeners marketed only for slate pencils are shown against a green background.

Available evidence indicates that throughout the 19th century and the very early 20th century the vast majority of lead pencils were sharpened by whittling with a knife. By the 1880s, small knives were advertised specifically for sharpening pencils.  A leading supplier of these knives was the Eagle Pencil Co. of New York, NY.  Some of its products are illustrated below.  

According to one discussion, "It is usually held that the correct way to sharpen a pencil is to hold the point against the right thumb and cut away the surplus wood and lead by drawing the blade of the knife toward the thumb.  This method is open to the objection that it is apt to soil the thumb and fingers.  On the other hand, the more cleanly method of sharpening a pencil by cutting outward, that is, away from the body, is apt to result in too deep a cut and the consequent breaking of the pencil point."

Descriptions Photos, etc. Advertisements Patents
Lassimone Pencil Sharpener
. Advertised in Le Constitutionnel, Paris, Dec. 24, 1829. French patent awarded to Bernard Lassimone, Oct. 20, 1828.
(Office national de la propriété industrielle, Description des machines et procédés consignés dans les brevets, Paris, v. 27, p. 81, Issue 2444)
Cooper and Eckstein
. 1837_Styloxynon_Cooper__Eckstein.jpg (135402 bytes)
1837 ad
"It consists of two sharp files neatly and firmly set together at right angles in a small block of rosewood."
Also advertised in 1838 by S. Mordan & Co., London. (Feeling's Grand Junction Railway Companion, London, 1838, p. 8 of advertising section)
Shaver's Patent Eraser and Burnisher, Pencil Sharpener, &c.
A. G. Shaver
New Haven, CT
A.G_Shaver_Patent_No._23196_Re-issue_805_Re-issue_1660.jpg (17434 bytes)  A.G_Shaver_Patent_No._23196_Re-issue_805_Re-issue_1660_detail.jpg (17619 bytes)
Photos courtesy of Howard Levin,
The Pioneer Pencil Sharpener Historian
Exhibited in 1850 and 1860. (Sixth and Ninth Exhibitions of the Massachusetts Charitable Mechanic Association, Boston, 1850, 1860, listed without an illustration).  Advertised 1860 and 1861 in Harper's Weekly and elsewhere without an illustration

According to an 1860 advertisement, "The blade is curved upwards, with sharp oval edge for erasing blots, marks, &c., from paper.  Convexed on the lower side, to give a fine polish and finish to the erased parts. The curve between the blade and the shank has a keen edge for cutting away the wood of the pencil, and the small serrated groove in the blade gives a neatly finished point to the lead.  Some three or four different sizes and styles are manufactured, some of them with ornamental handles of ivory and mother-of-pearl." (Vanity Fair, Oct. 20, 1860)

A burnisher was used to lay down the fibers raised by the erasing blade.

Archibald  G. Shaver
No. 23,196, Mar. 8, 1859
Reissue No. 805, Aug. 30, 1859
Reissue No. 1660, Apr. 26, 1864
Pencil Cutter and Sharpener
Papeterie Marion, Paris, France
Messrs. Marion, London, England

The device was made in France.
1851_Pencil_Cutter_and_Sharpener_Box_Marion_Sep_5_51.JPG (36484 bytes)  
1851_Marion_Pencil_Sharpener_1.jpg (45012 bytes)
1851_Marion_Pencil_Sharpener_2.jpg (41118 bytes)

1851_Marion_Pencil_Sharpener_adv.jpg (58590 bytes)
This image appeared in publications during 1853-1870

On Dec. 12, 1853, and again on Jan. 21, 1854, the New York City municipal government purchased a pencil sharpeners for $1.50.  (Documents of the Board of Aldermen of the City of New York, Vol. 21, Part II, New York, 1854, pp. 1109, 1121)  It seems likely that the device in question was a Marion pencil sharpener.

Registered Sep. 5, 1851, in U.K.

NY Weekly

Pencil Sharpener
W. K. Foster
Bangor, ME
1858_Pencil_Sharpener_Pat_W_K_Foster_No_20056_Apr_27_58.JPG (53315 bytes)1858_Foster_Pencil_Sharpener_Pat_Apr_27_58.jpg (52059 bytes)
Labeled with Apr. 27, 1858, patent date.

Small_pencil_sharpener_like_Foster_patent.jpg (22266 bytes)
Unmarked pencil sharpener similar to the  Apr. 27, 1858 patent illustration to the far right and the 1860 image to the immediate right.

In 1855-56, W. K. Foster sold pencil sharpeners at $10 per gross.  
(Receipts, Warshaw Collection, National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC.)

According to an 1857 report, W. K. Foster "has hitherto kept forty hands constantly employed, and turned out fifty gross of the sharpeners per day... Vast quantities are used in this country, and the demand for export to Europe is increasing every day." (Journal of Mining, Manufacturers, and Art, 1857, p. 634)

According to an 1858 report, "the pencil sharpener resembles an ordinary candle extinguisher, being a hollow cone."  (Journal of Mining, Manufacturers, and Art, 1858)

1860_Pencil_Sharpener_image.jpg (47796 bytes)
This was described as follows in 1860: "Now, however, the Americans supply us with something simpler and cheaper still [compared to the French device described immediately above.]" 
(The Practical Draughtsman's Book of Industrial Design, 2nd. ed., London, 1860, p. 9)

Walter Kittredge Foster

Patents for Molds for Pencil Sharpeners
No. 12,722, Apr. 17, 1855

Reissue No. 528, Feb. 23, 1858

Patents for Pencil Sharpeners
1858_Pencil_Sharpener_W_K_Foster_Pat_20056_Apr_27.jpg (13326 bytes)
No. 20,056, Apr. 27, 1858

No. 20,262, May 18, 1858
Strange's Pencil Sharpener
(a.k.a. Strange's Double Cone Pencil Sharpener)
J. W. Strange & Co.
Bangor, ME
1857_Pencil_Sharpener.jpg (51794 bytes)
Marked 1857
Possibly Strange's Pencil Sharpener
A December 1857 press report stated that "J. W. Strange & Co. manufacture a pencil sharpener with an orifice in the handle for sharpening the point of the lead.  It was patented September 22, 1857." 

Strange's Pencil Sharpener was advertised in 1858-59 by Cook, Merritt & Brown, New York, NY, and in 1866 by John J. Merritt, New York, NY, in both cases without an illustration.
Joseph W.  Strange and Samuel Darling
1857_Jos_Strange__Samuel_Darling_Pencil_Sharpener_Pat_18265_Sep_22.jpg (37536 bytes)
No. 18,265, Sep. 22, 1857
Burnet's Patent Slate Pencil Sharpener . Burnet's Patent Slate Pencil Sharpener was advertised in 1858 by Cook, Merritt & Brown, New York, NY, without an illustration. William Burnet
1858_Slate_Pencil_Sharpener_W_Burnet_Pat_21649_Oct_5.jpg (34366 bytes)

No. 21,649, Oct. 5, 1858
Descriptions Photos, etc. Advertisements Patents
Funston's Pencil Sharpener
A. C. Funston
Philadelphia, PA
. 1862_Funstons_Slate_Pencil_Sharpener_A_C_Funston_adv.jpg (66393 bytes)
1862 ad
A. C. Funston
No. 32,940, Jul. 30, 1861
Shaver's Patent Pencil Sharpener
A. G. Shaver
New Haven, CT
 Designed  to sharpen lead and slate pencils. 1866_Shavers_Patent_Pencil_Sharpener.jpg (87150 bytes)
1866 ad
"The file groove is finely cut at its small end for pointing lead pencils after the wood has been cut away, or more particularly adapted to pointing the leads of any of propelling pencils.  The wide end of the groove is coarser cut, which is intended for sharpening slate pencils."

Shaver exhibited pencil sharpeners in Paris in 1867.  (Reports of the Commissions to the Paris Universal Exposition, 1867, Vol. I, Washington, DC, 1870, p. 266)
McMullen Pencil Sharpener
Schermerhorn, Bancroft & Co.
New York, NY, Philadelphia, PA, and Chicago, IL
For slate pencils and for lead pencil with slender wood cases.
"Consists simply of a file isolated in a box."
1866 McMullen Pencil Sharpener advert OM.jpg (87150 bytes)
1866 ad
It seems possible that the McMullen pencil sharpener was based on the Burgess patent in the following row.
Pencil Sharpener . "Hubert Burgess...has placed before us a new patent pencil sharpener...It consists of a small tin box, one and one-quarter inches long by three quarters wide, in the bottom of which is fastened a small file." (The California Teacher, Aug. 1867, p. 63, no illustration. Hubert Burgess
No. 65,165, May 28, 1867
Noiseless Slate Pencil Sharpener (1866)

Spencer's New Slate Pencil Sharpener  (1867)
J. W. Schermerhorn & Co. (agent)
New York, NY
. 1869 Noiseles Slate Pencil Sharpener OM.jpg (87150 bytes)
1866 ad
1867_Spencers_New_Slate_Pencil_Sharpener.jpg (151910 bytes)
1867 ad
"The new sharpener is made of a single piece of superior steel, skilfully bent.  It has four sharp edges."
Edward Spencer
No. 67,922, Aug. 20, 1867
Morse Eraser Pencil Sharpener Combination
Morse Eraser Co. (1867-69)
Morse Fountain Pen Co. (1870)
Philadelphia, PA
 . 1867_Morse_Eraser_Pencil_Sharpener_Combination.jpg (19452 bytes)
1867-69 ad. "Burnisher, Pencil-Sharpener, and Pen-Holder combined."  Also advertised in 1870.
William A Morse
No. 87,583, Mar. 9, 1869
Eureka Pencil Sharpener
E. W. Weeden
(Alternatively, W. E. Weeden)
New York, NY
1869_Eureka_Pencil_Sharpener_Pat_W_N_Weeden_Nov_9_69_a.jpg (51561 bytes)1869_Eureka_Pencil_Sharpener_Pat_W_N_Weeden_Nov_9_69_b.JPG (89759 bytes) 1869_Eureka_Pencil_Sharpener_Pat_W_N_Weeden_Nov_9_69_ad_1870.JPG (47801 bytes)
1870 ad
"Pencil Sharpener, Knife Blade, and Nail Cleaner Combined."
Eureka pencil sharpeners were also advertised in 1871 and 1876.
William N. Weeden
No. 96,748, Nov. 9, 1869

For further information on Weeden, 
click here.
Combination Tool
Combination Tool Co.
New York, NY
. 1869_Combination_Tool_with_Pencil_Sharpener.jpg (52453 bytes)
1869 ad
"Twelve tools combined in one, to be carried in the vest pocket:--Pocket Rule, Ruler, Square, Bevel, Screw Driver, Chisel, Compasses, Scissors, Buttonhole Cutter, Paper Knife, Eraser, and Pencil Sharpener."  (Scientific American, Dec., 18, 1869).  Also advertised in 1872.
Nov. 23, 1869

We found a US patent (No. 97,154, issued to Francis H Barnard & Walter L Brace) for a combination tool issued on this date, but the tool in the patent diagram is not similar to the one in this advertisement.
Descriptions Photos, etc. Advertisements Patents
Copp & McClure's Adjustable Knife Pencil Sharpener
Nashua, NH
. Copp__McClures_Practical_Pencil_Sharpener_Pat_No._99335_Feb_1_70_OM.JPG (29479 bytes)
Copp's Pencil Sharpeners were advertised in 1876.
1880s broadside
Jacob McClure
No. 99,335, Feb. 1, 1870
Ladies' Gem
John B. Alden & Co.
Chicago, IL
. No illustration available.

"A combination of Scissor Sharpener, Ripper and Button Hole Cutter, and also convenient as a Pencil Sharpener and Nail Cleaner." (Prairie Farmer, Apr. 16, 1870)
Batchelder Pencil Sharpener
Dixon Crucible Co. (as of 1879)
Jersey City, NJ

Acme Pencil Sharpener
1879_Batchelder_Pencil_Sharpener.JPG (23202 bytes)
This device has a file for finishing the point.
Batchelder's pencil sharpeners were purchased by the Minnesota government in 1874 (Exec. Doc's of the State of Minn. for the Year 1874, v. 1, St. Paul, MN, 1875, p. 67).

Batchelder pencil sharpeners made by the Dixon Crucible Co. with the design of the device to the left were advertised in 1879. This was probably the device announced in 1880 without an illustration: "A new pencil sharpener is the Joseph Dixon Crucible Co.  Instead of a knife blade sharpening the pencil, a small file is used..., making a finer and more durable point,..." (The American Bookseller, Jan. 1880, p. 16)

A device similar to the device in photo to the left and similar to the device in the illustration below, but not identical to either, was advertised as the Acme Pencil Sharpener in 1879. (Christian Union, Nov. 19, 1879)

1879_Pencil_Sharpener_Pat_Batchelder_Nov_5_1879_adx.jpg (58854 bytes)
Undated (probably 1890s) German ad for A. W. Faber pencil sharpener, which is for a somewhat different design than the illustration in the patent listed to the right.
Asahel G. Batchelder
No. 109,100, Nov. 8, 1870
Pencil Sharpener Pencil_sharpener_Feb_6_1872_Pat_123462_Levin_050.jpg (33791 bytes)Pencil_sharpener_Feb_6_1872_end_Levin_052.jpg (22139 bytes)
Photos courtesy of Howard Levin
. Henry L. De Zeng
No. 123,462, Feb. 6, 1872
Pencil Pointer Benjamin_Pencil_Pointer_Benj_Elec_Mfg_Co_NY_Chicago_SF_Levin_034.jpg (52739 bytes)
Similar Benjamin Pencil Pointer, Benjamin Electric Mfg. Co., New York, Chicago, San Francisco.
Photo courtesy of Howard Levin
Pencil_Pointers_c._1905_adv.jpg (98850 bytes)
c. 1905 ad
Similar devices were advertised through 1941 and probably longer.
John Soumeillan
1872_Pencil_Pointer_J_Soumeillan_Pat_131977_Oct_8.jpg (27961 bytes)
No. 131,977, Oct. 8, 1872
. . "The best pencil-sharpener is a fine file, on which pencils can be sharpened to an edge, which will last longer than a point.  Sand-paper is sometimes used for the same purpose; also a little hollow, conical instrument, with a cutter acting--though with a circular motion--on the principle of a carpenter's plane." (S. Edward Warren, A Manuel of Drafting Instruments and Operations, New York, 1873, p. 32) .
Everpointed Slate Pencil and Sharpener
Perry & Co.
London, England
Perry__Cos_Everpointed_Slate_Pencil__Sharpener_London_1873_Levin_025.jpg (44386 bytes)
Box dated 1873
Photo courtesy of Howard Levin
. .
Hall's Patent Lead Pencil Sharpener  . Advertised 1874 in Overland Monthly and Outwest Magazine without an illustration. John S. Hall
1874_John_S_Hall_Lead_Pencil_Sharpener_Pat_154982_Sep_15.jpg (37619 bytes)
No. 154,982, Sep. 15, 1874
Pencil Sharpener
W. A. Young
Jacksonville, FL
. Exhibited in Philadelphia in 1876.  
(U. S. Centennial Commission, International Exhibition. 1876 Office Catalogue, Part I, p. 130)
William A. Young
1874_Pencil_Sharpener_W_A_Young_Pat_156625_Nov_3.jpg (21673 bytes)

No. 156,625, Nov. 3, 1874
Hall's Patent Slate Pencil Sharpener . Advertised 1874 in Overland Monthly and Outwest Magazine without an illustration. John S. Hall
No. 170,083, Nov. 16, 1875
Pocket Jack-Plane Pencil Sharpener
Alvan L. Lovejoy (1876)
Boston, MA

Fisher's Jack-Plane Pencil Sharpener
E. G. Shelchow (1876-77)

Excelsior Pencil Sharpener
Perry & Co. (1876, 1882)
London, U.K.
Jack_Plane_pencil_sharpener_Levin_004.jpg (31256 bytes)Jack_Plane_pencil_sharpener_Levin_006.jpg (27912 bytes)
Photos courtesy of Howard Levin
Jack_Plane_Pencil_Sharpener_x.jpg (75376 bytes)

Early 20th century Jack Plane pencil sharpener 
similar to the one advertised in 1876
1876_Pocket_Jack-Plane_Pencil_Sharpener_Alvan_L_Lovejoy_Boston.JPG (93516 bytes)
1876 ad
"Jack Plane Pencil Sharpener" advertised without an illustration in 1877. 
"Fisher's Jack Plane Pencil Sharpener" advertised without an illustration in 1891.

Excelsior Pencil Sharpener adv howard levin.jpg (93516 bytes)
Advertisement courtesy of Howard Levin
Rotary Slate Pencil Sharpener
Sold by John D. Emack
174 William St.
Philadelphia, PA

John D. Emack was reported to be in the slate business at 114 William St., Philadelphia, PA, in 1877 (New York Times, Oct. 30, 1877)
. Rotary_Slate_Pencil_Sharpener.jpg (117192 bytes)
c. 1876 ad
"The interior is heavily coated with emery, making a hard durable surface.  By placing the pencil in the brass holder, and turning rapidly, it is sharpened quickly and perfectly.".
Gents' Combination Writing and Toilet Instrument
David C. Cook
Chicago, IL
 . 1877_Gents_Combination_Writing_and_Toilet_Instrument_detail.JPG (171633 bytes)
1877 ad
Miller's Noiseless Slate Pencil Sharpener
Edward D. Miller
Bloomington, IL
. 1878 Miller's Noiseless Slate Pencil Sharpener adv howard levin.jpg (171633 bytes)
1878 Advertisement
 Edward D. Miller
No. 202,183, April 9, 1878
Downs Pencil Sharpener and Point Protector
Downs Pencil Sharpener Co.
Hartford, CT
. 1883 Downs Pencil Sharpener Pat 3.16.69 8.27 OM.jpg (43802 bytes)
1883 ad
"Made from a solid bar of steel with a spiral knife."
"This sharpener remains on and forms part of the pencil."
The sharpener serves as a point protector "as it can be pushed forward sufficiently to cover the lead when the pencil is carried in the pocket."

Also advertised 1882.
Herman G. Downs
1878_Herman_G_Downs_Pencil_Sharpener_Pat_207402_Aug_27.jpg (44125 bytes)

No. 207,402, Aug. 27, 1878
Also, C.O. Plaisted, March 16, 1869.
Stone's Pencil Sharpener and Pencil Point Protector  . 1879_Stones_Pencil_Sharpener__Pencil_Point_Protector_Pat_219127_Sep_2_79.JPG (63016 bytes) Marvin C. Stone
No. 219,127, Sept. 2, 1879
B. S. Cohen Pencil Sharpener
Barnet Solomon Cohen
London, England
1879_B_S_Cohen_Pencil_Sharpener_check_date.jpg (20080 bytes)  . This device lists the immediately preceding Stone patent
Descriptions Photos, etc. Advertisements Patents
Pencil Sharpener
A. W. Faber
New York, NY
1883_A_W_Faber_Pencil_Sharpener_Pat_Dec_18__83.jpg (40133 bytes)
A. W. Faber Pencil Sharpener

Dixon_pencil_sharpener_Foster_Mold_Pat_Dec_21_1880.jpg (30083 bytes)
Dixon Pencil Sharpener
Some sharpeners like these are labeled Tower Cutter.
A_W_Faber_Pencil_Sharpener_Side_1_1881_adv.jpg (38404 bytes)A_W_Faber_Pencil_Sharpener_Side_2_1881_adv.jpg (40177 bytes)
1881 ad. Advertised 1881-1891. 

An 1881 exhibition catalog reports that W. K. Foster exhibited "pencil sharpeners made of metal and recently improved." (Fourteen Exhibition of the Massachusetts Charitable Mechanic Association, Boston, 1881, p. 71.
Similar E. Faber pencil sharpener advertised 1913-14  (ad displayed below).
William Kittredge Foster

Patent for Mold for Pencil Sharpeners
No. 235,626, Dec. 21, 1880
This mold patent date appears on the Dixon pencil sharpener to the far left. 

Patent for Pencil Sharpener
1883_Pencil_Sharpener_W_K_Foster_Pat_290564_Dec_18.jpg (33937 bytes)
No. 290,564, Dec. 18, 1883

Patent for Pencil Sharpener Holder
No. 292,162, Jan 22, 1884

Patent Slate Pencil Sharpener
Perry & Co.
London, U.K.
 . 1882 Patent Slate Pencil Sharpener Perry & Co London UK OM.jpg (59191 bytes)
1882 Advertisement
 . .
Burgess Lead Pencil Sharpener 1882_Burgess_Lead_Pencil_Sharpener_Pat_Sep_12_82_end.jpg (59191 bytes)1882_Burgess_Lead_Pencil_Sharpener_Pat_Sep_12_82_top.jpg (68223 bytes)  . Hubert Burgess
No. 264,236, Sept. 12, 1882
Magic Knife and other pencil knives
Eagle Pencil Company
New York, NY
Eagle_gravity_pen_knife_OM.JPG (55262 bytes)
Patented 1883
Eagle_pencil_knife_Levin__075.jpg (12617 bytes)
Eagle pencil knife
Photo courtesy of Howard Levin
Eagle_Magic_Knife_May_20_1879_Jun_5_1883_Levin_010.jpg (16818 bytes)
Eagle Magic Knife, Pat. May 20, 1879, June 5, 1883
Photo courtesy of Howard Levin
Eagle_Magic_Knife_Eagle_Pencil_Co.jpg (127008 bytes) 1891_Penknife.jpg (35893 bytes)
Left:  Trade card showing 1879 and 1883 patent dates
Right: 1891 ad showing knife in closed and open positions.
Also advertised in 1902
The trade card to the left shows two patent dates.  The first is for a lead holder, not a knife:
Joseph Hoffman
No. 215,521, May 20, 1879

The second is for a knife similar to the ones to the left:
Claes W. Boman
Reissued Patent No. 10,335, June 5, 1883
Perfect Lead Pencil Sharpener
George Frost & Co.
Boston, MA
. 1883_Perfect_Lead_Pencil_Sharpener_Fosters_Patent_George_Frost__Co_Boston_MA.jpg (12284 bytes)
1883 ad
"Foster's Patent"

(See Foster's Dec. 18, 1883, and Jan. 22, 1884,  patents above)
B. S. Cohen's Pencil Sharpener
B. S. Cohen
London, England
1894_B_S_Cohen_No_10_Pencil_Sharpener.jpg (31857 bytes)Cohens_Pencil_Sharpener.jpg (74682 bytes)
"New Patent Point"
 . Barnet Solomon Cohen
German Patent No. 26,108, Feb. 9, 1884
(illustration to be added)
Perfect Pencil Sharpener
Albert M. Smith
Brooklyn, NY
This sharpener has a file 
to finish the point.

1884_Perfect_Pencil_sharpener_Pat_Smith_Mar_4_84.JPG (151777 bytes)
1884 ad

Albert M. Smith
No. 295,296, Mar. 18, 1884

The 1884 trade press article containing the illustration to the left states incorrectly that the patent was awarded to A. W. Smith on Mar. 4, 1884.  
Hills' Pencil Sharpener
Sold by Baker, Pratt & Co.
New York, NY
This sharpener had a file 
to finish the point.
Pencil_sharpener_like_knife.JPG (117882 bytes)
1884 ad
"In sharpening the pencil the knife is not intended to be used upon the lead at all.  Take the sharpener in the left hand and apply the pencil to the file, giving it the desired point."
Pencil Pointer and Paper-Weight
(a.k.a. Convenient Pencil Pointer and Paper Weight)
Keuffel & Esser
New York, NY
. 1884_Pencil_Pointer_and_Paper-Weight_Keuffel__Esser_NY_Pat_Mar_25_1884.JPG (245387 bytes)
1884-85 ad
This used fine sand or emery paper wound around two rollers.
This was advertised in 1890-92 as the Convenient Pencil Pointer and Paper Weight
Henry G. Schramm
No. 295,680, Mar. 25, 1884
Combination Pencil and Knife Combination pencil & knife closed Levin 080.jpg (11231 bytes)Combination pencil & knife similar to 09.16.84 Pat 305173 Levin 081.jpg (13689 bytes)
Conceptually similar to the 1884 Gerrish patent
Photos courtesy of Howard Levin
. George F. Gerrish
No. 305,173, Sept.16, 1884
Weeks' Champion Slate Pencil Sharpener
A.A. Weeks
New York, NY
. 1885 Weeks Champion Slate Pencil Sharpener OM.jpg (133246 bytes)
1885 ad
"Has corrugated groove in which end of pencil may be reduced to a nicely tapered point."
Also advertised 1884, 1894
Convenient Pencil Sharpener
Sold by Keuffel & Esser
New York, NY
1885_Convenient_Pencil_Cutter.JPG (103418 bytes)
1885 ad
Stowell's Excellent Ink and Lead Eraser and Pencil Sharpener (a.k.a. Excelsior Ink and Lead Eraser with Pencil Sharpener)
Sold by John S. Hulin
New York, NY
1885_Excelsior_Ink__Lead_Eraser_with_Pencil_Sharpener_John_S_Hulin_New_York_NY_1.jpg (24122 bytes)

1885_Excelsior_Ink__Lead_Eraser_with_Pencil_Sharpener_John_S_Hulin_New_York_NY_2.jpg (10326 bytes)
This sharpener has a file to finish the point.
1886_Stowells_Excellent_Ink_and_Lead_Eraser_and_Pencil_Sharpener.JPG (135271 bytes)
1886 ad
Also advertised in The Magazine of American History, Jan. 1887, p. 35 of advertising section.  The latter ad claimed that thousands had been sold for $1 each and stated that the price was being reduced to $0.60.
Frank L Stowell
No. 322,991, Jul. 28, 1885
Putnam's Common-Sense Slate Pencil Sharpener
John Putnam
Philadelphia, PA
Advertised 1885 without an illustration.

The ad incorrectly states that the patent date is Aug. 8 rather than Aug. 18, 1885.
John Putnam
No. 324,787, Aug. 18, 1885 
1885 John Putnam Slate Pencil Sharpener US324787-0 detail OM.jpg (103418 bytes)
Perfect Long Bevel Pencil Sharpener 1886_Perfect_Long_Bevel_pencil_sharpener_side_1_Jan_12_86.jpg (7714 bytes) 1886_Perfect_Long_Bevel_pencil_sharpener_side_2_Jan_12_86.jpg (7577 bytes) . William H. Lamson
No. 334,242, Jan. 12, 1886
Perfect Long Bevel Pencil Sharpener
A. W. Faber

Photo courtesy of Howard Levin
In 1886, a Pennsylvania state agency purchased "Faber's perfect long bevel lead pencil sharpeners with handles." (Second Annual Report of the State Board of Health of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg, PA, 1887, p. 16)
A_W_Faber_Pencil_Sharpener_with_wood_handle.jpg (60584 bytes)
1891 ad shows A. W. Faber pencil sharpener
William H. Lamson
No. 334,242, Jan. 12, 1886
This patent is for a pencil sharpener that can be made without or with a wood handle.  The sharpener without the wood handle is shown in the row immediately above.  The sharpener to the immediate left in the present row may or may not be based on the patent; it is at least similar.
President Pencil Sharpener
1886_President_Pencil_Sharpener_OM.jpg (35345 bytes)President_pencil_sharpener_front.jpg (54441 bytes)President_pencil_sharpener_top.jpg (78614 bytes) 1886_President_Pencil_Sharpener_Pat_Clarke_Jul_27_86_A.JPG (268174 bytes)1886_President_Pencil_Sharpener_Pat_Clarke_Jul_27_86_B.JPG (242818 bytes)
"Push the pencil into the box under the blade as far as it will go.  Then pull the pencil gently back against the edge of the blade."
James Langton Clarke
No. 346,356, Jul. 27, 1886
Slate Pencil Holder and Sharpener . 1887_Slate_Pencil_Holder_and_Sharpener_Pat_July_19_87.JPG (85087 bytes)
1887 ad
Willis H. Ostrander
No. 366,791, July 19, 1887
Cohen Pencil Sharpener
B. S. Cohen
London, England

The photo, ad, and patent to the right are all for B.S. Cohen pencil sharpeners.  However, they may not be for the same model.
B.S.Cohen_Pencil_Sharpener_London_OM.JPG (31613 bytes) "Cohen's Lead-Pencil Sharpener" was advertised in September 1887

1888_Cohens_New_Patent_Pencil_Sharpener.JPG (114640 bytes)

1888 ad
B. S. Cohen exhibited pencil sharpeners in 1888 in Australia.  (The Official Catalogue of the Exhibits, Centennial International Exhibition, Melbourne, 1888-89, Vol. I, Melbourne, 1888)
Barnet Solomon Cohen
1887_Barnet_Solomon_Cohen_Pencil_Sharpener_Pat_370182_Sep_20.jpg (53967 bytes)
No. 370,182, Sep. 20, 1887 
This appears to be Cohen's only US patent for a pencil sharpener
Duplex Pencil Pointer
Kolesch & Co.
New York, NY
1888 Duplex pencil sharpener OM.jpg (114640 bytes)

1888 Advertisement
"...a pencil pointer designed for accountants' and artists' use....It is intended for sharpening the lead of a pencil to a very fine point, either round or knife edged. It is made of brass, handsomely nickel-plated, so arranged as to hold a piece of fine emergy cloth"
1889 Duplex Pencil Sharpener discussed OM.jpg (114640 bytes)
1889 Product Description

Lovett's Pencil Pointer
Central News Co.
Philadelphia, PA
. According to an 1888 product announcement, "It is simply a rubber shaped like a razor strop, the covering, upon which the slate pencil is to be ground to a point, being composed of a very sharp sand firmly glued to the surface."
Dixon's Slate-Pencil Sharpener
Joseph Dixon Crucible Co.
Jersey City, NJ
. 1889_Dixons_Slate-Pencil_Sharpener.JPG (71371 bytes)
1889 ad
Warren H. Lamson
No. 411,526, Sept. 24, 1889
Descriptions Photos, etc. Advertisements Patents
Modern Pencil Sharpener Modern_Pencil_Sharpener_Mar_4_1890_Pat_422485_Levin_007.jpg (16799 bytes)
Photo courtesy of Howard Levin
Modern_Pencil_Sharpener_1911_ad.jpg (29933 bytes)
1911 ad
Adelbert Ames
No. 422,485 Mar. 4, 1890
Fancourt's Pencil Sharpener and Holder . 1890_Fancourts_Pencil_Sharpener_and_Holder.jpg (118311 bytes)
1890 ad
A "device especially designed for connection with school slates, to hold the pencil when not in use and afford ready means for sharpening it."
Henry Fancourt
No. 423,678, Mar. 18, 1890
Combined Ruler and Pencil Sharpener
. 1890 Combined Ruler and Pencil Sharpener OM.jpg (116868 bytes)
1890 ad
Pencil Sharpener and Paper Weight Combined
Meader & Jordan
Saylesville, RI
. 1890 Pencil Sharpener and Paper Weight OM.jpg (116868 bytes)
1890 Illustration
Monarch Pencil Knife
Sold by E. G. Soltmann
New York, NY
. 1890_Monarch_Pencil_Knife_E_G_Soltmann_NYC.JPG (116868 bytes)
1890 ad
Baumgarten's Patent Pencil Sharpener and Pencil Pointer
1891_Baumgartens_Patent_pencil_sharpener_and_point_protector_Pat_N0_454623_Jun_23_91_Invented_UK.JPG (22052 bytes)  . H. Baumgarten
1891_Pencil_Sharpener_and_Point_Protector_H_Baumgarten_Pat_454623_Jun_23.jpg (24957 bytes)
No. 454,623, Jun. 23, 1891
Slate Pencil Sharpener
A. W. Faber
. 1888_Slate_Pencil_Sharpener_A_W_Faber_Pat_Dec_10_88.JPG (42145 bytes)
1891 ad.  Also advertised 1894.
Penknife Pencil
Wickland Mfg Co.
Fremont, OH
Penknife_Pencil_Wickland_Mfg_Co..JPG (7386 bytes) 1894_Wickland_Penknife_Pencil_adx.JPG (158427 bytes)
1894 ad
Appears to be
Rhodolph H. Franklin
No. 448,182, Mar. 10, 1891

An earlier patent for a similar device is:
Mortimer McCall
No. 164,575, Jun. 15, 1875
Bartlett's Peerless Pencil Pointer
(a.k.a. Universal Pencil Pointer)
Henry Bainbridge & Co.
New York, NY
 . 1891_Bartletts_Peerless_Pencil_Pointer.JPG (46200 bytes)
1891 ad
The identical device was advertised as
the Universal Pencil Pointer in 1891.
Combination Ink Eraser and Pencil Sharpener
Combination_ink_eraser__pencil_sharpener_made_Germany_Oct_6_1891_Pat_460608_Levin_068.jpg (21954 bytes)
Dated Oct. 6, 1891
Photos courtesy of Howard Levin
. .
Knife and File Pencil Sharpener
(a.k.a. K & F Pencil Sharpener
Foster Mfg. Co.
Watertown, CT
1892_K__F_Pencil_Sharpener_Luther_Hall_Bellamy_Patent_No._469036_Feb_16_closed.jpg (17881 bytes)  1892_K__F_Pencil_Sharpener_Luther_Hall_Bellamy_Patent_No._469036_Feb_16_open.jpg (20060 bytes)  1892_K__F_Pencil_Sharpener_Luther_Hall_Bellamy_Patent_No._469036_Feb_16_open_detail.jpg (24621 bytes)
Photos courtesy of Howard Levin
1893 K & F Knife and File Pencil Sharpener OM.jpg (17881 bytes)
1893 Advertisement
Luther Hall Bellamy
No. 469,036, Feb 16, 1892
Slot Pencil Sharpener
Able and Willing Mfg. Co.
Philadelphia, PA
1892_Slot_pencil_sharpener_T._Foy__Patent_No._471216_Mar_22.jpg (15490 bytes) 1892_Slot_pencil_sharpener_T._Foy__Patent_No._471216_Mar_22_detail.jpg (22009 bytes)
Photos courtesy of Howard Levin
1892_Slot_Pencil_Sharpener_Pat_Mar_22_92.JPG (109793 bytes)1892_Slot_Pencil_Sharpener_Pat_03.22.92.JPG (108553 bytes)
1896 & 1897-98 ads
"The pencil is laid flat on desk or table, with the end to be sharpened projecting, the device is drawn across it."
Thomas Foy
No. 471,216, Mar. 22, 1892
Champion Slate Pencil Sharpener
Worn & Co.
Philadelphia, PA
. 1892_Champion_Slate_Pencil_Sharpener.jpg (70256 bytes)
1892 ad
Mary E. Worn
No. 472,420, Apr. 5, 1892
Pencil Sharpener
Metal Perforating Co.
Waterbury, CT
1892_Pencil_Sharpener_W._G._Price_Pat_Jul_19_92.JPG (50914 bytes)  . William G. Price
No. 479,303, Jul. 19, 1892
Pencil Sharpener
Johann Faber
1892_Johann_Faber_Pencil_Sharpener_Ger_Pat_482826_Sep_20_92_OM.JPG (54777 bytes)1892_Johann_Faber_pencil_sharpener_Germany_Sept_20_92.jpg (46863 bytes)
1892_Johann_Faber_Pencil_Sharpener_Germany_Pat_482826_Sep_20_92_OM.JPG (39212 bytes)
1899_Double_Edge_Pencil_Sharpener.JPG (133703 bytes)
1899 ad
This was advertised during 1895-1919 under many names,  including Faber Pencil Sharpener (1895), Double Edge Pencil Sharpener (1899), Unique Pencil Sharpener (1901), New Acme Pencil Sharpener (1902), Johann Faber New Pencil Sharpener (1905-13), Acme Pencil Sharpener (1910-12), and Simplicity Pencil Sharpener (1919).
Carl Faber
No. 482,826, Sept. 20, 1892
American Cartridge Pencil Sharpener
Eberhard Faber
Bullet_pencil_sharpener.jpg (33413 bytes)
This is an example of the many unmarked pencil sharpeners found in the US and Europe that are similar to the American Cartridge Pencil Sharpener
1892_E._Faber_Pencil_Sharpener.JPG (84695 bytes)
1892 ad
One 1892 ad stated that this sharpener was made from brass and "was first made in Europe, but Mr. Faber has made an improvement upon it, which he has patented, and he is now manufacturing them in the United States."  Also advertised c. 1905, 1911, 1933. 
Also in 1892, a product review with a similar illustration promoted the Standard Pencil Sharpener made by the Connecticut Mfg. Co., Hartford, CT. This review stated "The manufacturers claim that although similar to the imported ones, which have been on the market for a short time, it is better made and more satisfactory in every way."
An indistinguishable device was advertised as the Peerless Long Bevel Lead Pencil Sharpener in 1894.

Government Duplex Self-sharpening Pencil Sharpener
The J. W. Burke Co.
Macon, GA

New York News Co. (1894)
New York, NY

Cutter-Tower Co. (1896)
Boston, MA

1892_1893_Govt._Duplex_PS_Pat._July_19_92_Feb_21_93_Dec_12_93_a.jpg (41768 bytes) 1894 Government Duplex Pencil Sharpener OM.jpg (41768 bytes)
1894 Advertisement.
Click on image to see instructions.
Also advertised 1896, 1899, 1909
1899 Price 25 cents
"consists of a steel knife and emery-lined cup."
William G. Price
No. 479,303, Jul. 19, 1892
No. 492,336, Feb. 21, 1893
No. 510,518, Dec. 12, 1893
Pencil Sharpener No. 557
Eagle Pencil Co.
New York, NY
1893_Eagle_Pencil_Co_Pencil_Sharpener_557_OM.JPG (39541 bytes)
No. 557
1893_Eagle_Pencil_Co_557__Pat_Aug_1_93_adx.JPG (80570 bytes)
1894 ad
This illustration shows that when not in use the sharpener could be stored on the end of the pencil that was not sharpened.
Also advertised 1910-11 & 1922
Ernst Norell
1893_Pencil_Sharpener_E_Norell_Pat_502632_Aug_1.jpg (60844 bytes)
No. 502,632, Aug. 1, 1893
Pencil Sharpener No. 556
Eagle Pencil Co.
New York, NY

There are a number of very similar if not identical pencil sharpeners: The Belle Pencil Sharpener; Dixon's Pencil Sharpener No. 465; and  the Dandy Pencil Sharpener, which was marketed in the U.K.
Eagle_Pencil_Co_PS_556.jpg (62661 bytes)
Eagle Pencil Sharpener No. 556
1893_Dandy_pencil_sharpener_Pat_Aug_1_93_Great_Britain.jpg (25781 bytes)
Dandy Pencil Sharpener
1893_Belle_pencil_sharpener_Pat_Aug_1_93_Great_Britain.jpg (8824 bytes)
The Belle Pencil Sharpener
Dixons_No_465_pencil_sharpener.jpg (21803 bytes)
Dixon's Pencil Sharpener No. 465
Belle_Pencil_Sharpener_Pat_Aug_1_1893_Tower_1908_adv.jpg (105483 bytes)
The Belle Pencil Sharpener, 1908 ad in U.S.
The Belle and the Dandy both have a patent date of Aug. 1, 1893.  This may be the patent immediately above.  It may alternatively  be a British patent.

There is no patent date on the  Eagle No. 556 or the Dixon's No. 465.
Columbian Pencil Sharpener
Automatic Machine Co.
Elgin, IL
. 1893_Columbian_Pencil_Sharpener_adv.jpg (61507 bytes)
1893 ad
Also advertised 1894.
May be the same as American Cartridge Pencil Sharpener (1892) above and Columbus Lead Pencil Sharpener (1897) below. 
Pencil Sharpener Holder No. 558
Eagle Pencil Co.
New York, NY
1894_PS_557_Pat_93_Crank_558_Pat_Apr_24_94_Eagle_Pencil_Co_NY_OM.JPG (69622 bytes)
This is the No. 557 pencil sharpener listed above with the addition of a removable No. 558 holder
 . Frank McIntyre
No. 518,853, Apr. 24, 1894
Bushnell's Practical Pencil Sharpener
Alvah Bushnell
Phildelphia, PA
. 1895 Bushnell's Pencil Sharpener OM.jpg (69622 bytes)
1895 Product Review
Also reviewed 1896.
1895-96 product reviews indicate that
a patent application had been submitted.
Silver Pencil and Sharpener
S. Mordan
London, England
Eureka Pencil Sharpener Eureka_pencil_sharpener_Aug_24_1895_Pat_545350_Levin_016.jpg (15881 bytes)
Photo courtesy of Howard Levin
. Josef Deutschbein
No. 545,350 Aug. 27, 1895
Pencil Pointer and Paper-Weight
Keuffel & Esser
New York, NY
Pencil_Pointer_Levin_058.jpg (19541 bytes)Pencil_Pointer_and_Paper-Weight_similar_to_KE.jpg (35714 bytes)
Photo on left courtesy of Howard Levin
K__E_Paper_Weight_and_Pencil_Pointer_single_roller_adv.jpg (105944 bytes)
1912-15 ad
William  L. E. Keuffel
No. 547,925, Oct. 15, 1895
Improved Long Bevel Lead Pencil Sharpener
E. Faber
New York, NY

Columbus Lead Pencil Sharpener
E. Faber
New York, NY

Ever Ready Self-Adjusting Pencil Sharpener

 . 1897_Three_pencil_sharpeners.JPG (170819 bytes)
1897 ad
Each of these three devices may appear above under other names.
Descriptions Photos, etc. Advertisements Patents
Letter Opener and Pencil Sharpener
Able and Willing Mfg. Co.
Philadelphia, PA
. 1901_Letter_Opener_and_Pencil_Sharpener.JPG (21464 bytes)
1901 ad
This is the Slot Pencil Sharpener (see above) combined with a letter opener.
Artistic Pencil Pointer
E. L. McDivitt
Belvidere, IL
. 1903_Artistic_Pencil_Pointer_E_L_McDivitt_Belvidere_IL_adv.jpg (284376 bytes)
1903 ad
 Advertised 1901-04.
Edward L. McDivitt
No. 700,071, May 13, 1902
Cortis Patent Pencil Sharpener Ruler
Cortis Manufacturing Co.
Meriden, CT
1901_Cortis_Patent_Pencil_Sharpener_Ruler.jpg (39192 bytes)
1901_Cortis_Patent_Pencil_Sharpener_Ruler_detail.jpg (94383 bytes)
Cortis_Patent_Pencil_Sharpener_Ruler_1901_adv.jpg (129822 bytes)
1901 ad
Frank A. Cortis
No. 705,322, Jul. 22, 1902
Kosmos Pencil Sharpener
Marketed by the American News Co.
New York, NY
Kosmos_pencil_sharpener_Germany_front.JPG (13121 bytes)Kosmos_pencil_sharpener_Germany_back.jpg (21112 bytes) Kosmos_1906_adv.jpg (84781 bytes)
1906 ad
Advertised 1902-15.
Eureka Pencil Sharpener Eureka_Pencil_Sharpener_Prob_Eagle_640_1902_adv.jpg (115737 bytes)
1902 ad. Also advertised 1903.
Similar if not identical to the Eagle Pencil Sharpener No. 640 immediately below.
Ideal Safety Pocket Pencil Sharpener
Howard, Chase & Co.
Chicago, IL
. 1903_Ideal_Safety_Pocket_Pencil_Sharpener_OM.jpg (326434 bytes)
1903 ad
Pencil Sharpener No. 640
Eagle Pencil Co.
New York, NY
Eagle_No_640_pencil_sharpener_1_OM.JPG (23019 bytes)Eagle_No_640_pencil_sharpener_2_OM.JPG (19932 bytes) Advertised 1903, 1910, 1915. 
Similar if not identical to the Eureka Pencil Sharpener two rows above.
Duplex Pencil Pointer
Kolesch & Co. (K. & Co.)
New York, NY
. 1904 Duplex Pencil Pointer OM.jpg (85738 bytes)
Click first on image above, then on image below.
1904 Duplex Pencil Pointer p. 2 OM.jpg (85738 bytes)
1904 ad
Pencil Sharpener 1904_Pencil_pointer_Pat_No_761191_May_31_04_OM.JPG (21962 bytes)
1904_Pencil_pointer_Pat_No_761191_May_31_04_OM2.JPG (24734 bytes)
. Solomon W. Bates & 
Andrew F. Sanborn, Jr.
No. 761,191, May 31, 1904
C& K Pocket Pencil Sharpener
The H. C. Cook Co.
Ansonia, CT
1904_C__K_POCKET_PENCIL_SHARPENER_PAT_APR._12_1904-_JUNE_7_1904_2.jpg (51693 bytes)1904_C__K_POCKET_PENCIL_SHARPENER_PAT_APR._12_1904-_JUNE_7_1904_1.jpg (64739 bytes)1904_C__K_POCKET_PENCIL_SHARPENER_PAT_APR._12_1904-_JUNE_7_1904_3.jpg (68467 bytes) . Frank H. Chase
No. 761,944, Apr. 12, 1904
Apr. 12, 1904
June 7, 1904
American Pencil Sharpener 1904_American_pencil_sharpener_F.C._Melchior_Patent_No._762077_June_7.jpg (21214 bytes) 1904_American_pencil_sharpener_F.C._Melchior_Patent_No._762077_June_7_open.jpg (24133 bytes) 1904_American_pencil_sharpener_F.C._Melchior_Patent_No._762077_June_7_open_back.jpg (15674 bytes)
Photos courtesy of Howard Levin
. F. C. Melchior
No. 762,077, June 7, 1904
Pencil Sharpener
Goldsmith Co.
Philadelphia, PA
1904_Pencil_Sharpener_GOLDSMITH_CO_PHILA_Pat_No_755480_Mar_22_04.jpg (34782 bytes) . Edwin M. Goldsmith
No. 755,480, Mar. 22, 1904
Excelsior Pencil Sharpener . Excelsior_Pencil_Sharpener_1905_adv.jpg (85738 bytes)
1905 ad
Plane Pencil Sharpener
Advertising Results Co.
Chicago, IL

Compare to similar device advertised in 1876 (see above)
Jack_Plane_Pencil_Sharpener_x.jpg (75376 bytes) 1906_Plane_pencil_sharpener_adv.jpg (173705 bytes)
1906 Ad
Dandy Pencil Sharpener  . Dandy_Pencil_Sharpener_The_latest...1906_adv.jpg (85753 bytes)
1906 ad
Also advertised 1907-15
Simplex Pencil Sharpener No. 650
Eagle Pencil Co.
New York, NY
1906_Eagel_pencil_sharpener_OM.jpg (70940 bytes) Eagle_Pencil_Sharpener_Simplex_650_adv.jpg (125550 bytes)
1914 ad
Also advertised 1907-19, 1930.
George Oberbeck
1906_Pencil_Sharpener_G_Oberbeck_Pat_838508_Dec_11.jpg (66858 bytes)
No. 838,508, Dec. 11, 1906
Twentieth Century Pencil Pointer
A. A. Weeks Mfg. Co.
 . 1907 Twentieth Century Pencil Pointer OM.jpg (85753 bytes)
1907 ad
Ad claimed the device was protected by a patent.
Arne Pencil Sharpener
Arne Manufacturing Co.
Racine, WI
1907_Peterson_Pencil_Sharpener_2.jpg (43528 bytes)

1907_Peterson_Pencil_Sharpener_1.jpg (52859 bytes)
 Advertised 1911.
"One disk has 22 cutting points and when all are dull,a new disc,which costs five cents each, can be substituted. It cuts as a knife does."
Arne T. Peterson
1907_Pencil_Sharpener_A_T_Peterson_Pat_873079_Dec_10.jpg (20941 bytes)
No. 873,079, Dec. 10, 1907
No. 898,502, Sept 15, 1908
Steel Pencil Pointer, File and Tack Lifter 1907_Steel_Pencil_Pointer_File__Tack_Lifter.JPG (22573 bytes) Lead_Pencil_File_and_Tack_Lifter_adv.jpg (49282 bytes)
1915 ad
This device was advertised 1907-19.
Tower's Multiplex Pencil Sharpener
Tower Cutter
. Multiplex_Pencil_Sharpener_Tower_1908_adv.jpg (88226 bytes)
1908 ad.
Appears to be the same as the Simplex Pencil Sharpener No. 650 marketed by the Eagle Pencil Co. (see above)
Duplex Pencil Sharpener  . Duplex_Pencil_Sharpener_Tower_1908_adv.jpg (62989 bytes)
1908 ad
Spiro Pencil Sharpener
Spiro Mfg. Co.
New York, NY
1908_Spiro_pencil_sharpener.jpg (67569 bytes) Spiro_Pencil_Sharpener_1908_adv.jpg (212965 bytes)
1908 ad.  Also advertised 1910 (US), 1913 (France) and 1919 (US)
"...the only sharpener that does not break the lead, as it sharpens the wood first and then cares for the lead." 
"The circular blade has ten cutting edges and when one is dull another can be instantly substituted.  No adjustments are needed, a screw regulating the movement of the blade."
Charles Spiro
No. 876,744, Jan. 14, 1908
Alrich Pencil Pointer
Wm. M. Alrich Co.
Pittsburg, PA
. 1909 Alrich pencil sharpener, Clay Record OM.jpg (88226 bytes)
1909 ad
Descriptions Photos, etc. Advertisements Patents
Pencil Knife
 . Pencil_Knife_Prague_1910_adv.jpg (27526 bytes)
1910 ad (Prague, now Czech Republic)
Also advertised in 1913 (France)
Pencil Sharpener 1910_Scissors-Like_Pencil_Sharpener_x.jpg (42440 bytes) . Frederick Brostrom
1910_Pencil_Sharpener_F_Brostrom_Pat_958904_May_24.jpg (30715 bytes)
No. 958,904, May 24, 1910
Ideal Pencil Sharpener
Ideal_pencil_sharpener_UK_c._1912_Levin_046.jpg (13838 bytes)Ideal_pencil_sharpener_UK_inside_Levin_047.jpg (17252 bytes)
Photos above courtesy of Howard Levin

1914_British_Silver_Pencil_Sharpener_closed.jpg (72793 bytes)1914_British_Silver_Pencil_Sharpener_open.jpg (62233 bytes)
IDEAL_pencil_sharpener_Josef_Winter__Co_Deuben-Dresden.JPG (52958 bytes) .
Pencil Sharpener
Eberhard Faber
New York, NY
1886_E_Faber_Pencil_Sharpeners_blade_side_Pat_Jan_12_86.JPG (57359 bytes)1886_E_Faber_Pencil_Sharpeners_name_side_Pat_Jan_12_86.JPG (53867 bytes)
Photos show front and back
E._Faber_Pencil_Sharpener_labeled_Pat_Jan_12_86_adv.jpg (44944 bytes)
1913 ad. Also advertised 1914.
Similar but not identical device was advertised 1922.
Pencil Sharpener No. 560
Eagle Pencil Co.
New York, NY
EAGLE_PENCIL_CO_560_SHARPENER_PAT_NOV_4_1913_b.jpg (39704 bytes)EAGLE_PENCIL_CO_560_SHARPENER_PAT_NOV_4_1913.jpg (42532 bytes)  . Gustav K. H. Klose
1913_Pencil_Sharpener_G_K_H_Klose_Pat_1077723_Nov_4.jpg (53616 bytes)
No. 1,077,723, Nov. 4, 1913
Pencil Sharpener
Sold in France
. 1913_Taille-crayon_1.jpg (98928 bytes)
1913 ad
Pencil Sharpener
Sold in France
. 1913_Taille-crayon_2.jpg (173546 bytes)
1913 ad
Deposit Safety Pencil Pointer (1913-14)
(a.k.a. Unique Pencil Sharpener) (1913)
(a.k.a. See-Rite Pencil Pointer) (1914-15)
Searight Mfg. Co.
Detroit, MI
Deposit_Safety_Pencil_Pointer_Searight_Mfg_Co_Detroit_Mich.jpg (14059 bytes)

1914_Deposit_Safety_Pencil_Sharpener_open.jpg (38071 bytes)
Devices labeled "Deposit Safety Pencil Pointer" say "Patent Pending." 
Later devices labeled "See-Rite Pencil Pointer" give the 1914 patent date.
See_Rite_Pencil_Pointer_Instructions_Howard_Levin.jpg (242388 bytes)
Instructions for See-Rite Pencil Pointer
Instructions courtesy of Howard Levin
Deposit_Safety_Pencil_Pointer_1914_adv.jpg (47794 bytes)
1914 ad
Advertised as Unique Pencil Sharpener in 1913, as Deposit Pencil Pointer or Sharpener in 1913-14, and as See Right Pencil Pointer during 1914-15.
"All chips are deposited within the receptacle."
John R. Searight
No. 1,108,478, Aug. 25, 1914
Pencil Sharpener
Ludwig Doll
Heidelsheim, Baden
Pencil_sharpener_L._DOLL_Heidelsheim_i_B_Germany.JPG (27737 bytes) . Ludwig Doll
German Patent No. 290,516, Mar. 3, 1916
Pencil Sharpener Pencil_sharpener_Jan_13_1921_Levin_064.jpg (12608 bytes)Pencil_sharpener_underside_without_lid_Jan_13_1921_Levin_063.jpg (18295 bytes)
Photo on right shows underside with lid of shavings compartment removed.
Photos courtesy of Howard Levin
. Jan. 13, 1921
Descriptions Photos, etc. Advertisements Patents
Dates Not Presently Known
Pencil Sharpener
Pencil_sharpener_with_handle_France.JPG (178377 bytes)  .  .
Pencil Sharpener Pencil_sharpener_hand_model.jpg (35418 bytes)  .  .
Pencil Sharpener
Germany (left)
France (center)
SIRT pencil sharpener, made by Schuler Jozsef, Hungary (right)
Draw_Knife_Pencil_Sharpeners.jpg (36604 bytes)SIRT_pencil_sharpener_Schuler_Jozsef_Hungary.JPG (89486 bytes)  .  .
Combination Letter Opener, Pencil Sharpener, and Pen Knife
General Agency
General_Agency_combination_pen_knife_and_letter_opener_Levin_040.jpg (42771 bytes)General_Agency_combination_pen_knife_and_letter_opener_detail_Levin_041.jpg (32057 bytes)
Photos courtesy of Howard Levin
. Marked: DRGM (patented in German Reich)
Pratica Pencil Sharpener
Pratica_pencil_sharpener_France.JPG (43439 bytes)  .  .
Pencil Sharpener Pat. 92208 Pencil_sharpener_mystery.JPG (36447 bytes) . .
Slate Pencil Sharpener
Continental Europe
Slate_pencil_sharpener_Belgium.jpg (9079 bytes) . For a patent for a device of this type, see:

William E. Simonds
No. 573,364, Dec. 15, 1896
Slate Pencil Sharpener No. 151/1
A. W. Faber

Slate_pencil_sharpener_A.W._Faber.jpg (42369 bytes)
Relatively modern

. .

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